Finding the Best Nude Lipstick

I love the look of nude and pale pink lipstick. When I see those make up videos on you tube or the pictures on Instagram from make up artists, I always want to try to recreate that lip look. The reality of my want to create the look and actually doing it, never seem to turn out the way that I imagined. Usually what happens, is the lipstick looks cakey and clumpy. I look like an unfortunate girl who has no friends to tell her how bad it really is. So of course, I immediately remove it and put on my old faithful red lipstick that never lets me down. But WHY can’t I wear the pale pinks and nudes? Or can I….

After some investigative research at Sephora, I learned that I can! Ureaka. The trick that I learned from one of the make up artists at Sephora is that you have to choose a neutral color lipstick, that complements the natural, neutral colors in your skin. The best place on your body to look? The inside of your lip, or your lip color-without lipstick on it. Since you know that color looks good on you, because it is your natural color, find a lipstick, liner or gloss that is in that same hue. Voila! Now you have a nude or pale pink lip that will work for your actual skin tone. You’re welcome 🙂

These natural and pale pink lip colors are great for vacation or when you want to have a natural make up look. I personally love doing a super smokey eye, with a nude lip. It’s a great way todo the smokey eye during the day and really makes the eye pop. Tell me what you think!

Great brands to try:

YSL lip color in Nude Beige. Available from Saks 5th Avenue – Homepage link

YSL Nude Beige

YSL Nude Beige

 NYX lip color in nude for women of color. Available from ULTa and ULTA.com

Nyx Lipstick in Nude For Women of Color

Nyx Lipstick in Nude For Women of Color

Rouge Dior Lip Color available from Saks 5th Avenue – Homepage link

Rouge Dior Nude Lip Color

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