Fenty Beauty’s First Drop of 2019

Fenty Beauty has done it again! She is giving us what the girls have been asking for! The beauty company’s dropped its most recent launch TODAY featuring concealers and press powders. Sorry I meant 50 Pro Filt’r Concealer shades matching 50 Pro Filt’r Foundations (10 NEW SHADES) and 8 new Instant Retouch Setting Powders to seal it all in. 

And I know you weren’t ready for this my-face-but-better-REALNESS. The 50 Pro Filt’r Concealers will pair with the company’s best selling Pro Filt’r foundation in matching numbers. Meaning if your color is 350 in their foundation then your color should also be 350. It is, in a word, simplicity

These concealers are full coverage, crease-proof, and super easy to blend into your foundation. Even if it’s not Fenty foundation! These concealers are super user-friendly so it’s ideal for beginners who want to look like professionals and professionals who expect the best of the best. You can head out the house like that if you’d like a healthy dewy glowy look, but if you’d rather a perfect skin-like finish then the Instant Retouch Setting Powders is your new best friend. All in all, it looks like this was a very successful launch and will be picking up mine very soon. 

Head over to your local Sephora on January 11th to pick up yours or head over to Fentybeauty.com (if they haven’t sold out yet). 

If you’d like a second opinion, we’ve included links to popular Youtubers Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, and Snitchery. Enjoy! 

Jackie Aina 

Alissa Ashley 


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