Fall to Winter Essential Pieces : Spotlight on Reformation

Time to dust off the wool and shearling, winter is coming! Are you prepared? Don’t worry, even if you aren’t there are tons of ways to dress warmer while still using the clothes you have for fall. Cozy girl ‘fits can turn into survival gear real quick in New York City and today we’re using the brand Reformation to teach you how to do it. Here’s our Spotlight on Reformation with Fall to Winter Essential Pieces.

The Pyrenees Dress $298

This dress is the perfect party dress. You could dress it down by throwing a sweater over it and let your legs do the talking, or dress it up by tossing a few of your favorite pieces of gold jewelry on to the ensemble. Just be sure to grab a midi length coat on your way out the door.  With this dress and that confidence, you’ll find any excuse to wear this dress out and about through the streets of New York City.

Middlebury Coat $328

We’ve featured this coat in a gray plaid colorway before, but the red just caught our eye. Its fun and festive and completely functional. The long lines of the coat make sure the winter chill won’t creep up under the hem and freeze your legs, while the woven wool blend keeps you nice and toasty inside. Use this coat to add a pop of color to a neutral based outfit and you’re sure to light up the whole room.

Violet Top $128

A collared shirt like the Violet top is super easy to style for the cold weather. For a more subtle look, wear a white or black tank top underneath, something with a low neck so it doesn’t distract from the structure of the top. For a bolder look, layer sweaters or blazers, that allows the collar to peek through and keep its shape. That way you always keep the chic but professional vibe the top gives off.

Parisa Wang Bracelet Bag $225

This bracelet bag is perfect for when you just need to throw a few things into a purse and be on your way. Let the bag match any subtle accents of white in your outfit, white faux fur, white plaid strips, or white buttons for example. Since white isn’t a huge fall or winter color in New York, you want it to enhance your look, not overpower it.  For bonus points, match the silver hardware on the purse with any grey in your outfit.

Sundra Jackie Earring $38

Maybe you’re not yet ready to give up the beautiful brown neutrals we discovered in this season’s fall trends. I know I’m not. The different coffee-colored hues in the earrings make it easy to pair with any shade of brown you have in your outfit. Or, let the earrings be the statement piece in an all-black outfit. Either way, these earrings are a great piece to transition your outfit from fall to winter.

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