Fall Looks inspired by Rihanna’s Garage Magazine Photoshoot

Rihanna’s recent photo shoot for Garage Magazine’s September issue took Twitter by storm. The teaser pictures were posted in the middle of New York Fashion Week making it very clear that Riri is and always will be your favorite style icon. While her vintage-inspired looks aren’t always ready-to-wear, you can always take inspiration from the shoot and make them your own. Here are four ways you can incorporate these looks into your fall wardrobe.

Photographer: Dena Lawson

  1. Bold But Make it Classy

This look screams grace and presence, which is exactly what stylist Carlos Nazario was going for when he dressed Rihanna. The glossy look of the silk garments makes her outfit look expensive and classy while the bold complementary colors stand out in a crowd. Her makeup mimics this same contrast by highlighting the high points of her cheekbones and forehead for an ethereal look while keeping her eyes, lips, and skin matte, making the look more wearable.

Photographer: Dena Lawson

2. Texture! We Need Texture!

In this picture, we can see Rihanna styled in something that plays a little more with texture. The billowy pantsuit is black and silky, taking up most of the space in the outfit. But the giant embroidered flowers keep the ensemble balanced. Play with textures this fall. Don’t stick to one type of fabric. Experiment! Vintage pieces can often evaluate one’s outfit by adding a touch of lavish intricacy to the look.

Photographer: Dena Lawson

3. Accessories

With a bold outfit like this one, it can be difficult to accessorize. Especially if you’re the type to throw on a few rings as you run out the door like I do. The trick is, match your nails. Bold neutrals like gold can be styled to match anything. Here, they give Rihanna a bit of majesty as she frolics through the garden. Keep your favorite neutral to style the next time you book an appointment at the nail salon.

Photographer: Dena Lawson

        4. Top Heavy

And finally, the cover. Chunky, structured sweaters like this one are here to stay. The bold 3D rose flower arrangement on the piece paired with an off the shoulder neckline is stunning and so very Rihanna. This outfit allows you to stay warm in the coming chilly months but also allows you to play to your shape. Be dramatic. Be bold. Be fierce.

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