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I see constant reminders of summer abound everywhere I go. Primarily from the tanned or sun kissed skin  I see. Bronze is definitely the color of the moment. Recovering from the 4th of July weekend may be a bit of concern if you were in the sun too long. Especially for your face. While having a glow is definitely a great thing, having too much of one on the face is a bit of concern for some women. Too much sun can cause brown spots or even worse-wrinkles. Just the thought of it causes me to clutch my pearls, or think about not setting a foot outside. That can’t be the solution; so what’s a girl to do?

  1. Drink water.  If you’re new to the Tie Sides and Scoop community, drinking water is my cure all for just about everything-because it works! Hydrate dry, sun exposed skin from the inside too, not just the outside

  2. Get a good facial if you can. If not, try a yogurt facial at home. Seriously-plain yogurt. If your face is burned, the coolness will feel amazing. Plus it cleans pores, and leaves the skin feeling great, while fighting off bacteria with all of the active cultures found in it. Great stuff. Origins has a great hydration mask, if the yogurt isn’t your thing.

  3. Get some rest. No better way to repair our bodies naturally, than taking nap. The benefits are also great for other restorative purposes.

  4. Go easy on the makeup for a few days. Let your skin breath, it will definitely help it. Plus, this is what all the supermodels do when they aren’t shooting.

Orgins Drink Up Intensive www.orgins.com

Orgins Drink Up Intensive www.orgins.com

Face First Tips for Sunburnt or Overexposed Skin

Face First Tips for Sunburnt or Overexposed Skin

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