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Don’t you hate those “no makeup” makeup looks? It takes like twenty products (if you’re lucky) to achieve and takes so much time. I’ve definitely minimized my “go-to” makeup look. I used to wear a full-face almost every day last year and after finals season during my freshman year, I couldn’t even look at makeup without wanting to cry. Since then, though, I’ve come back from the summer with a better solution.  Instead of doing more than necessary, I’ve decided to go with a simple approach that saves time and tears.

I only use five products for this look and it takes 5-10 minutes, depending on how my brows are acting. You should always wash your face beforehand and moisturize. This look doesn’t require a foundation, but do whatever makes you comfortable.

After I’ve washed and moisturized, I’ll go in with my dipbrow pomade. This stuff is probably the best eyebrow product I’ve used. I say this because it acts as a brow gel and pencil in one! You can make them look soft and natural or bold and sharp.

After I fill in my brows, I’ll take a damp q-tip and run it under where my natural brow is to clean up any mistakes, top to bottom. Once this is done, I usually just go in with mascara or put on a flesh-toned eyeshadow to combat oily lids. I don’t count the coats, I just slather it on until I’m happy with how it looks.

I always, always, ALWAYS put on highlighter. Okay, that’s a lie, but it’s definitely my favorite kind of makeup. I always use the same eyeshadow palette every day, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette. I say this because that’s where I get my shadow and highlighter from. I’ll take a super fluffy eyeshadow or fan brush and dust it onto my cheekbones. I personally feel like you can never glow too much, so slap on as much as you please.

Depending on the day, I’ll just throw on some chapstick and the look is complete. On days where I want a little extra, I’ll put on my rose hip oil gloss. And on “jazzier” days I’ll go with a nice matte red lipstick. Once I’ve completed my look, I go about my day with minimal oiliness and discomfort.

I love doing this look because it’s every day friendly, it looks amazing because it enhances the features, and is very easy to achieve. It’s also a good base for when you’re learning your face and how to put makeup on.

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