Ethical Businesses, But Without Corruption

It’s so difficult nowadays to shop without wondering if a company/franchise voted for T***p or if they’re even remotely trustworthy. That’s not to say that those brands we all know and love are ones we can trust. I’m sure 2017 was the year of disappointment when it came to learning the truth about companies we’ve always loved.

With that being said, It’s hard to know if you can trust a brand wholly but knowing who they are and what their deal is can be a start. Of course, there are great brands out there who provide wonderful service and seem unproblematic (Amazon), but you should always be wary. Question everything, especially in this era.

Here’s a small list of ethical brands that are great and give back:

  1. Pura Vida Bracelets

PV Bracelets

Pura Vida is a company that requires many artists to help create bracelets aka providing full-time jobs for these artists. They donate 1% of their annual profits to environmental issues and have partnered with hundreds of other charities. According to their website, they have donated $1, 440, 822 to charities they believe in.

2. We Wood

WeWood Watches

We Wood is a watch company that creates pieces from sustainable and recyclable materials (mainly wood). With every watch that is purchased, they will plant a tree. So far, they’ve been able to plant over 400,000 trees all over the world!

3. Nager by Nic Hyl

Swimsuit from Nager by Nic Hyl

Nager is a small business that creates wonderful swimwear. This brand donates 10% of all sales towards saving and protecting the honeybees. Later this season, there will be one specific style where all proceeds from all retail sales will go to various honeybee charities. Go out and get a swimsuit, you might even save a few bees! #SaveTheBees

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