Dreamy Day Dresses

What would summer be without a dreamy day dress? I grew up in Florida, and if it’s one thing you learn living there, it’ how to dress for the heat, and be cool in it. while the second part of that is more difficult, dressing for the heat proves to not be that difficult-for women. Here are a few of my hot weather dressing tips: 1. Wear loose natural fiber clothes. Easy dresses, loose tops, things that flutter in the breeze. Trust me, it creates additional wind for you on a sticky day. 2. Wear light colored clothes, they won’t absorb the heat the way something black or navy blue will. 3. After a while, hot is just hot, throw on a straw hat to try to keep your head cool from the direct sunlight. 4). Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water.

Dresses work for my first tip above really well. Below are some super cute options:

1. This Printed Dress from www.zara.com is perfection! It’s breezy, lightweight, light in color and oh so cute for a day in the sun. Pair it with keys, wedges, or strappy sandals. Let your destination and or mood dictate the shoe choice. Bring your denim jacket for those air conditioned restaurants that keep the thermostat at 20 degrees.

Printed Dress www.zara.com

Printed Dress www.zara.com

2. Cape Dress with Low Back. If you can’t stay cool in this little number, you just need to stay inside. I do warn you though, the dress itself is HOT! Pair with anything gold, for a really elegant look. Flat gladiator sandals, or stappy heels are A ok. www.zara.com.

Cape Dress with Low Back www.zara.com

Cape Dress with Low Back www.zara.com

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