Does Your Do Make The Cut?

So, since we’re in the full swing of fashion week around the world, other topics of discussion as it relates to appearance inevitably will come up. Like Make-up and hair. Today, I want to talk about your hair, your wig, your do, your fro, your crowning glory. With so many names to refer to our tresses, no wonder picking a style can be tricky. So let’s see what’s trending in hair around the globe in the “it” cities as we speak!

The Bob #2 aka the Alexa Chung in London: This Bob so appropriately nicknamed after it’s namesake, has been popular in London for some time now. It’s popularity is largely impart to how manageable it is, and suitable for so many different hair types. Drying by air or by blow-dryer are both easy to do.

The Big Curly Fro is all the rage in NY and Paris: So ever since Beyonce’s Formation video, the curly fro has been all the rage! With it’s carefree vibe and sexy allure, curly girls (like me) all over the world are rejoicing in their curls and finally loving them. The defined curls take it up a notch from the traditional Afro. To define your curls, shampoo and condition well (curly hair is notoriously dry) define your curls while wet with a defining product of your choice. Next, either let air dry or use a diffuser on your blow dryer. Dry with warm air, too hot and you;ll run the risk of straightening some of the curls. Don’t forget your anit-frizz.

Side note: I get the most compliments on my hair when it’s big and curly….

Blunt Bangs in Melbourne: This cut has the best of both worlds: soft, flowing texture with razor-sharp, blunt bangs. The great thing with styles like this, is that you always looks put together, no matter what you’re wearing. These bangs also frame the face beautifully and makes a high bun or pony so cute! Growing out isn’t a problem, just blend in with your hair as your tresses grow.

How are you wearing your hair? Tweet me @nichyl or comment below to share.

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