Do You Have to Be in the Best Shape to Wear a Bikini?

In other countries outside of America, a women’s shape is worshiped, reveled in and admired for all of it’s curves. In some countries, women even go as far as to have plastic surgery if they don’t naturally have these curves. Now, I don’t recommend that extreme, but I bring it up as an example of how desired the female shape is.

In the States, however, the opposite is true. The more frail the frame, the more it seems it is desired. Only in recent years has the “butt craze” come into fashion and begintobe desired. That said, the rest of the body is still desired to be thin, toned, and less shapely. All of this got me to thinking, is it necessary for a woman to look this way in order to wear a 2pc? Better yet, to feel comfortable enough to wear a 2pc.

Simple answer is: NO! In no way shape or form is having a svelte, tight, or toned body necessary to wear a Bikini. Instead focus on a swimsuit, regardless of the cut, that fits and you’ll be so happy with the results of how you look and feel in it and less worried about your stomach, or hips. Find the Perfect Swimsuit to Fit your Figure. Shop Womens’ Fit and Flatter Solutions by Figure Concern at

Marilyn Monroe Plus Size Rose Tie Bandeau/High Waisted Bikini

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