Day 27: The Government Shutdown & How You Can Help

I’m one person. You’re one person. But collectively, we’re two. It’s day 27 of the government shutdown and people, families and businesses are being impacted by this greatly. The effect on our livelihoods (or the livelihoods of people we may know), and economy is in grave danger. So how can you and I help? How can we as a nation, help the people that need it so much right now? This isn’t about politics in this exact moment, it’s about helping people who need it.

Often times when people are in a time of need, they turn to organizations to help. So it makes sense that by volunteering at some local organizations or donating food and/or money, that many families can get the help they need. Here are some ways you can contribute.

What to do if you want to help

Here's How You Can Help During The Shutdown

Wondering How You Can Pitch In During The Shutdown?

Food Donations:

Donate to a food pantry. As many people struggle without paychecks, they will still need to feed their families. You can Google, local food pantries and make donations directly or organize a food drive, and drop off more food donations.

Donate funds and your time to shelters:

This is always needed. But while the government is shut down, many shelters that depend on funding from the government, cannot help the people that so desperately need it. Call local shelters in your area to see what they need and how you, your company, or any organization that you are a part of can help.

Call your senators and representatives:

Hold them to task. What are some alternatives that they are doing to help end the shutdown and how are they helping their constituents that are in need during the time being?

Hire people or support business helping furloughed workers:

If you are in the private sector and are in a position to hire someone temporarily until the shutdown is over, do your part and create some jobs. Even if it’s part-time work that you can offer, every little bit helps.

Patronize companies that are helping furloughed workers.

Help Keep the Parks Clean:

If you’re the outdoorsy type, grab some friends, garbage bags and some gardening equipment and help keep our parks clean. While the government is shutdown, many of our parks and national parks are without any basic park services. Contact your local government to find out any details you need to be on the premises and pitch in where you can.

Our Parks Need Help Too

Let’s Pitch In and Help During The Shutdown

Get Creative:

There are so many ways to help, once you open your heart to doing it. Perhaps you can pray with a family, or listen to someone as they share their story. Maybe you can buy groceries for a family, or treat them to a meal. There are so many ways that each of us can chip in and if we’re able to help, we should be helping.

Support Small Businesses:

This is an ongoing thing (imo), but while the gov’t is shut down, so is The Small Business Administration. That means that roughly 200 small business loans are not getting approved everyday….and many small businesses may not survive the shutdown if they are dependent on these loans to keep their businesses open. Do your part by shopping small and helping to keep the economy alive.

What to do if you are furloughed and need help

First off, know that you are not alone and people are working on getting you help that you need during the shutdown. Assistance programs have been created by many financial institutions to help with relief. In a recent article posted in The USA today, they listed many banks offering assistance, and other companies willing to help until the shutdown is over. You can read the full article here Companies Offering Furloughed Employees Assistance 

Some states are allowing furloughed employees and contractors to receive unemployment benefits. Because this varies by state, you’ll have to contact the Department of Labor for your state to see if you are eligible for help.

What are you going to do? I’m going to help with food donations/feeding families.

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