Danger! Curves ahead

As an industry professional, I get asked many questions about fashion all the time. One of the questions I often get asked is where can a woman with curves find a good or better yet great swim suit? I used to manage a swim suit store in college and I know from that experience, that finding a suit for figure types that don’t walk down runways is difficult-especially if it’s a cute swimsuit. Curves don’t always imply hips or tush, but may refer to bust. What ever you’re not finding elsewhere, I found today at Swim Suits for All. I was going to talk about something completely different on today’s post, but when I came across this site and the suits they carry, I had to share immediately!

This site caters to sizes 8-34 and carries swim suits that will: Enhance the bust, Minimize the bust, Show off legs, Hide hips, Slim the core and suits for long torsos (also a very difficult body type to fit in traditional swimsuits). This site is also great if you’re looking for a more modest swim suit- many of the suits they carry offer fuller coverage leg lines and a wide variety of tankinis and one pieces.

Swim Suits for All also carries a wide selection of board shorts, Maxi dresses and Cover-ups.

Happy shopping!

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