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When I was a wee tot, my mum used that I asked for everything. She called me Nikki-buy-me-give-me-get-me, lol (have I told you this before?). Not much has changed, except that now I buy, give and get things for myself. And now, here we are at the Holiday season. Of course I have a wish list, a Christmas list, a Hanukkah list and any other list I can make, complete with sku #’s, store locations and how many items are left in stock. Of course I’m just kidding, except for the wish list part. They’re fun to make and hey, you never know-I may get lucky and get an item off of my wish list. 🙂

Wish #1: Besides world peace, I wish for the Fendi 2Jour Medium Tote. I think this bag is so classic, and beautiful and just so me. I can envision stomping up and down 5th ave or in the West Village with this little number in the crock of my arm. Available from Saks 5th Avenue – Homepage link

Fendi 2Jours Medium Tote

Fendi 2Jours Medium Tote

Wish #2: besides more wishes, I’ve been craving a vacation. But not just any vacation, I’d love to visit multiple cities, to include: France, London, Italy, Bali and India. I’ve been to France and London before, but I loved them so much, why not go back??? Of course I wish to go in the summer, so I can get some surf, sand, and sun in my life. But oh, how this would be a great gift…..I think I check Save up to $570 on flights + hotel packages at Hotwire.com

The View of Sacre Coeur at Night-One of the Most Beautiful Places I've Ever Been

The View of Sacre Coeur at Night-One of the Most Beautiful Places I’ve Ever Been

Wish #3: Besides winning the lotto, I would love to spend more time with my family and friends. When you’re building an empire though, and they live everywhere except where you live, that gets tricky. But I saw the new iPad, that I can make calls from and it got me thinking that perhaps it’s time to trade in my current iPad and upgrade. Available form Apple

iPad Air 2 in Gold

iPad Air 2 in Gold

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