CES 2017-Best in Beauty Technology

What is CES and why do you care? Well, CES is the Consumer Electronic Show where over 3,800 technology companies will exhibit their latest and greatest in tech. Over 165,000 people will attend the 3 day event from January 5-8 2017 in Las Vegas. This is where we find out about all the great stuff some of our favorite tech brands have been up to (hello can you say self driving cars), and we get to sneak a peak at what some new brands want us to buy. But what’s even better? They make innovations and updates to beauty items too! That’s right, they want to help us to make our beauty routines easier and better. I love them already.

The trend in beauty technology is to help the consumer take care of smaller, non-life threatening issues from the convenience of their homes. Walking away with the 2017 Innovation Show Honoree Award is:

HiMirror- one of the first companies in the world to make a smart mirror. At CES 2017, Hi Mirror just unveiled its new Plus Edition and HiMirror HiSkin Device. The mirror completes a personalized analysis of your skin by taking a picture of you. Then the mirror on the wall helps you access your skin’s conditions, including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores so that you can effectively and efficiently target problem areas and move toward your beauty goals. Then, it recommends products to correct every single one of them. This new plus model is $259.00 and features different lighting settings, so that it can accurately read your skin. The new model also offers more memory for storing your beauty consultations. As if all of this wasn’t enough, when it’s being a regular ol’ mirror it then uses the built-in LED lights to simulate five different lighting scenarios: sunset view, outdoors on sunny days, brightly lit office, shopping mall or supermarket, and restaurant or party venue. These settings help you apply your makeup appropriately for the occasion.

I have to get one of these asap! Get yours on-line at www.himirror.com

Hi Mirror Plus CES 2017 Inovation Award Nominee

Hi Mirror Plus as featured at CES 2017. Image from www.himirror.com

The Hi Mirror Plus

The High Mirror Plus. Just add it to your existing bathroom mirror, download the app, and get ready for customized skincare!

The Kérastase Hair Coach by L’Oreal- Obviously this brush is for women with a particular hair texture, as not all hair textures can use this type of brush. That said, if this is a brush that you can use then you will certainly love it! The brush recognizes when you are brushing too hard, something that is very damaging to hair, and advises you of the same so that over time, your hair brushing habits are improved! The brush is battery-powered, water-resistant, and has a microphone. Why would your brush need a microphone you ask? All so you can record the sound of frizzy, dry, or breaking hair. These  sensors then analyze the effects of heat (like straighteners, blow dryers, and hot curlers) and products (like dye and chemical straightening) on the hair’s health—then provides product and technique recommendations to help you repair the damage. The product is just under $200. Not bad for the world’s first smart hair brush. The product debuted at CES 2017. Stay tuned with Loreal for stockists and locations.

Kerastase smart brush by Loreal

Dubbed the world’s first smart brush, this great brush can tell you everything from if you’re brushing your hair to hard to recognizing the sound that damaged hair makes by recording it.

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