Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!!! Yes, this is a thing and you should be celebrating it in all of it’s glory. After all, you are worth it. What better way is there to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day then by treating yourself to a Bubble Bath? Now, beyond the luxurious feeling a bubble bath gives us, they are also good for you. In studies, they have been found to:

-Aid  in relaxation

-The hot water aids in deep muscle relaxation and can ease any aches and pains.

-If the water is hot enough, it can actually help to remove toxins from your body because of the sweat from the heat. The increased circulation stimulates the lymphatic system which sweats out toxins and increases lymph drainage. Be careful that it’s not too hot, you don’t want to burn yourself.

-The warm water also helps with circulation and great skin starts with great circulation.

So now that we know that bubble baths are healthy, fun and super indulgent, what is your fav bubble bath to try? I stopped in at my local Lush Cosmetics in New York City at Lexington Ave, and spoke with Julia. She was so nice, knowledgeable and patient with me. She literally showed me all of their beautiful bubble baths and essential oils that can pair with them. The essential oils are a nice addition, because aromatherapy added to our bubble baths can further aid in the relaxation experience. Finally, after a full tour of the bubble bath section from Julia, I opted for her fav (and now my fav too), the Rose Jam. This little beauty looks like a macaron, smells like heaven, and makes your bath water pink. What more could a girl ask for on National Bubble Bath Day? How about 2 bubble baths! Julia recommends breaking the Rose Jam in half, and using half now and the other half at a later time. So now we have a reason to keep this habit up and celebrate more than just once per year.

Swing by Lush Cosmetics on Lexington Ave. in New York City and get yours!

Lush Cosmetics Rose Jam

This beautiful bubble bath will leave you relaxed, and feeling like a new you.

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