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12 Thai Boys Trapped in a Cave …

After being trapped underground for 17 days, a Thai football team of 12 boys and their coach were finally rescued. They initially went into the cave to celebrate a team members birthday but were trapped after the cave began to flood. They had to survive 9 days in the darkness without knowledge of the people working hard to find them and help them out. All they had to survive on during their time in the cave was dripping water and birthday snacks; meditation also aiding in keeping them alive and sane.

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Their trajectory of survival didn’t stop there, though. In situations like this one, hypothermia proves to be a huge issue in the trapped’s survival, but these boys tackled that head on. They took rocks and dug holes that were five meters deep into the cave’s ground to keep them warm.

Courtesy of CNN

Movie Deal? …

Luckily, after a long 17 days, a group of rescue divers came to save the 13 guys from being stuck in the cave. Since then, we’ve found the boys are doing okay and that they’re making progress in recovering from such a traumatic experience.

It wasn’t long, though, until Hollywood got a hold of this story because now they want to make a movie out of this story; which is cool … let’s just hope Scarlett Johansson doesn’t hear about it.

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