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I’m fanatical about my eyebrows. Well, about eyebrows period. In my opinion, they frame the face, open up the eye, and really just add the icing to the cake, so to speak. I see so many eyebrows that are not properly executed, and just as a great brow can lift the look of a face, so too will a bad brow interrupt the natural beauty. When headed to the beach or pool, Ifeel like this is when my eyebrows are the mot important, because I don’t have on much make-up and I need them to pull their weight more than ever to pull off a flawless face.

The most important tip is to follow the brow bone. Don’t approach the situation with how you want the brow to look, let your bone structure dictate that. Next, the brow lengeth should extend from the inner corner of the eye to the end corner of the eye, peaking at the iris. So imagine the part of your eye right by your nose, extend that out-this is where the brow starts. Take the opposite corner of the eye, extend that line out, this is where the brow ends.

Once you know this, you are empowered to go to an esthetician or brow expert and you know what you should be looking for. From here, upkeep can be down with tweezers. I recommend 2 different ones that have different tips, one of mine is a flat tip tweezer, the other an angled tweezer. I prefer to tweeze b/c I can control the amount of hairs I remove better. My hair is black,a nd my brows not so much, so I “fill them in” (add color) by using my angled M.A.C brush, and a black eyeshadow. BE CAREFUL HERE! If you use too much, the look can be too heavy and unnatural looking. If you put on too much, just simply use a Q-tip, add eye makeup remover, and take some away. If I want to lift the brow and enhance the lines, I’ll use, Benefit

Voila! say hello to your beautiful brows.


M.A.C. Angled Brush Sephora Black Eyeshadow Benefit What's Up Highlighter

M.A.C. Angled Brush Sephora Black Eyeshadow Benefit What’s Up Highlighter

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