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When I first realized fashion was a passion of mine, one of my dreams was to create my own blog. I wanted to create something that I would be infinitely proud of. I’d spend so much time trying to craft the perfect site and trying to find blogs that inspired me; I took notes on what I liked from these blogs and things that influenced me for my own.

Years later, I’m co-managing a blog, and those who inspired me are still doing so to this day. I know getting into any area of fashion is a struggle because it’s a different experience for everyone. I want to share a few influencers I’ve grown to love and who inspire me in hopes you’ll become inspired, too.

We Wore What (@weworewhat)


Danielle Bernstein is a fashion blogger who got her start in 2010. Danielle has gone on to do fabulous things since then; she’s collaborated with numerous brands and even created her own collection. Her blog focuses on style but branches out into interior design, menswear, and even lifestyle! She has a way of creating great aesthetics no matter what platform she’s on and that’s why I love her. Her posts are always fun and informative, inspiring you to go out and do something for yourself.

Thyme & Temp (@thymeandtemp)


Thyme & Temp is a blog run by Jane and Jeff that’s dedicated to good eats. They’re an adorable couple who found a passion for collaborating with each other to create amazing meals. They have lots of great recipes for any time of day or occasion and cocktails galore, what more could you want? Their recipes aren’t too difficult to execute and always leave you wanting to try the next thing. Add in pets to the mix, you’ve got a got a great time and a fool-proof meal!

Tuula (@tuulavinatge)


Tuula Vintage is a travel blog ran by Jessica Stein. She takes you around the world with her and informs you of what to eat and what to see. She organizes her blog in such a cool way, taking you from Australia to Brasil capturing her life along the way, also letting you know where she’s currently at. Jessica’s blog gives you an overwhelming sense of wanderlust and an urge to live your best life.

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