Black Panther: An Icon

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing Black Panther after about a week of waiting. I was beyond ready to see this film, especially after all of the rave reviews on it. I’d tried avoiding Twitter (for the most part) so I wouldn’t spoil anything for myself, but alas, I’m weak. I didn’t go too deep into the spoilings of the movie but I read enough to where I was anticipating a few things that were going to happen. In my opinion, that made the watching experience better for me. Don’t worry, though, I won’t spoil anything for you – I’m just here to tell you to go watch it immediately.

I’m serious, if you haven’t seen this movie or you’ve seen it multiple times, go watch it (again). Today in Baldwin Hills at Crenshaw Mall Rave Cinemas – Tracee Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, and Regina King are showing Black Panther for FREE at 4:30 pm. You must have a student ID or you must be 13 and under with a parent. Tickets are first come, first serve while popcorn and drinks will be provided! If you’re able to I highly recommend trying.

I don’t think the best part of the movie was in a single scene. I think the best part of the movie was being able to see Africa as it should’ve been. To see Africa as if it had never been colonialized and how it could’ve grown to flourish. Lupita Nyong’o put it best in her interview with The View:


Not only has this movie made achievements that black people, as a whole, can feel proud about, they’ve created a movement. They’ve given kids someone to look up to, they’ve put a lot of struggles into one line, and they’ve created someone you’re supposed to hate but can’t help to empathize with. Black Panther will forever be an iconic movie #WakandaForever.

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