Bikini Check In

I know summer is over, and the urge to eat what we feel like it is at an all time high. Keep the momentum going. It’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get back in shape. Remember, it’s a life style, not a fad.

So what are some tips to stay consistent when you may not be in a bikini for a while?

Stamina: I live in NYC. It’s a very pedestrian town; people are always walking-eveywhere. SOmetimes, you are walking very fare, in heels, in just a few minutes. I think the word “power walking” started in NY, for these brisk, move out of my way, walks that you see (or have experienced) in this town. That requires stamina. I keep working out, because of this.

Looking great in your clothes: Last night, I was walking down the street. This group of women stopped me to find out my work out routine. After showering me with praise and telling me how magnificent I look, they began to ask me what work outs I do. I happily shared! Your clothes will fit you and look ten times ether, when the body it’s on, is in it’s best shape-whatever that means for you. Nic tip: don’t try to look like anyone else. Comparing your self to someone else’s image is unrealistic. You will never look like anyone else but you. Don’t expect to get the exact same results as them when doing any workout routine or health conscious activaty. Square peg-round hole.

Less work: staying in shape doesn’t take that long, you just need tone consistent at it. Also, the more you do it, the easier it is to do it. By now, I like to stay active and fit because it’s just easier for my lifestyle.

Eating Well: you’ve heard it time and time again, but when you eat well, it really is 20% of the battle of the bulge. What does that mean? It means you can skip a few work outs and maintain your girlish figure. Keep it lean, clean and green.

Tone it Up: One of my favorite online personal trainers are the Tone it up girls. You can watch their AMAZING workout videos free on YouTube, and get tips and tricks for staying healthy on their website, www.toneitup.com. Their energy is simply amazing and they really exemplify how to make fitness a lifestyle. I love working out to their videos!

Drink up: Get your water and plenty of it. If you’re hydrated, you’ll eat less. If that’s not a good enough reason, then think of your skin, nails and hair. All things that love water too.

Don’t lose your momentum, swimsuit season is going on some where in the world and you never know; you may be surprised with a bikini vacay before summer comes back around!

Az Araujo S/S 15 Swimsiuit collection

Az Araujo S/S 15 Swimsiuit collection

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