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Every woman has her go to beauty staples, you know, what works for her and what she relies on. Today, I want to share my best in beauty. You can’t go wrong with a tried and true favorite, if it also happens to work for many other women, you can’t go wrong, right? Loyalty in beauty products comes from the results. Period.  Women will not keep using a product that doesn’t work. Here are the products that work for me:

Perricone MD Sub D: This stuff is amazing! It works for both young and mature women, by either preventing wrinkles at the neck or helping to reduce them. Dr. Perricone cites neck wrinkles as one of the easiest ways to tell a women’s age, he goes on to say that the neck is often the  most forgotten part of a women’s beauty regime. Get it for a steal of a deal from

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Elcat: this is an amazing concealer or highlighter. To use it as a concealer, buy it in your skin tone, to use it as a highlighter, buy it one shade lighter. I like to use my as a concealer, under my eyes, when I’ve been up working too late the night before. It gives the area under my eyes a bright, awake appearance, (if only it were true). Get it from any YSL counter or Sephora stores nationwide.

Dior Show Universal Brow Brush: AMAZING! A brush on one end and a brow pencil on the other. The brow pencil color is determined by your pH and body temperature, creating a unique color that will match your coloring. If I’m ever stranded on a deserted island, this gets to come. Get if from any Dior counter or Sephora stores nationwide.

Essie (No Baggage Please): There are tons of new nail polish brands that are amazing. I still like Essie. I have long, naturally thick, beautiful nails. Essie stays on my natural nails for about 9 days, and doesn’t make them too yellow when I remove the color. This is an example of sticking with what works. My favorite colors are pale pinks. No Baggage Please is a great opaque pink, with a hint of sparkle. Get Essie at most drug stores nationwide or any beauty supply store.

Guerlain Mascara: My eyelashes naturally curl, but are short. I love Guerlain’s mascara because of how it not only lengthens them, but also conditions them with it’s unique formula. The bottle is pretty too. Get it from Sephora stores nationwide.

My Best in Beauty

My Best in Beauty

How do these products work for you? What are your best in beauty products? Tweet me @nichyl and share!

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