Beat the Bloat

As a competitive figure competitor, I’m constantly working out, eating ridiculously healthy, and perfecting my body for the purpose of sport. It’s hard, grueling work…and I love it! I enjoy not only the discipline it requires, but also the fact that I have to earn every ounce of success in that world. It challenges me and pushes me to limits I had no clue that I was capable of reaching.

Some of the biggest struggles I encounter is with bloating, and trust me the struggle is real. Bloating can add 5-10 pounds easily and has nothing to do with eating bad. In fact many of the foods we eat on a healthy diet can contribute to bloating. So what’s a girl to do? Well, once you know why you bloat (this requires monitoring your food and water intake and perhaps a look back at your genetics and in some cases, a trip to the doctor), you’ll be better able to help battle it.

Some common causes culprits to bloating:

Asparagus– Believe it or not this yummy for you healthy veggie can cause some people to bloat. Swap it out for broccoli or spinach instead.

Too much protein– The body needs protein for sure. But sometimes, too much of it can be difficult for the body to breakdown. Try adding a probiotic to your diet, these good for your belly bacteria can aid in healthy digestion.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners– they may cause certain people (like me) to bloat, not entirely sure why, but once I removed them from my diet, I noticed that I wasn’t bloating as much.

Water– drink a lot of it. If your bloat is due to retaining water, the body will rid itself of the excess water it’s holding onto, once you start giving it more. I know it sounds odd, but it’s true. Drink water!

Gas-definitely not a sexy topic, but if you have gas this will definitely bloat you. This is common when dieting, because of the amounts of veggies you’re eating and the fact that you’re probably eating less. If you miss a meal by accident, the belly could inflate with gas. Try drinking green tee to help rid the gas. A good belly rub will help too 😉

There is also trial and error to some degree here. You’ll have to pay close attention to see how your body reacts to certain things, as everyone’s body is so different. Keep a food journal if you don’t already. Log your food, and the amount that you are eating. What does it do to your body? Log that too. It may take awhile, but trust me it will be worth it.


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