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I feel like being on a beach right now. I’m making the time to make that desire a reality. But on my quest to make time to relax, I also have to figure out what beach I want to go to. I want to stay in the US, but I want a magnificent beach. I mean postcard worthy. I typically look for relaxation, food close by (if it can be brought to me while on the beach, that’s definitely a plus), beauty, and a fun local environment. I can book a quick flight from my friends at

Tip: A great way to learn about any destination that you plan to visit is to go to it’s webpage and explore from there. Almost every city and town in the world has a website. You’ll be surprised at what you find there!

1. Ka’Anapali Beach, Hawaii. This gorgeous beach is great all year long! With beautiful sunsets and water perfect for surfing, snorkeling and just about any other water activity, it’s no wonder that it was voted #1.


Ka-anapali Beach, Hawaii

2. This Gem in my home-state of Florida is no surprise, Siesta Key, Florida (ok, I was born in NY but grew up in FL). Florida has many great beaches; trust me on that. What makes Siesta Key so great is that the sand is 99% pure quartz, cool on the feet, and very soft It’s been described as “confectioner’s sugar”. The added bonus is it’s open to the public and great year round!

Siesta Key, FL

Siesta Key, FL

3. Actually this is number 4 on list, but number 3 on mine: Lanikai Beach, Hawaii. It’s described as, “the most beautiful beach in the US”, and if a picture is worth 1,000 words, I can see why. The views are breathtaking and this may be the destination winner of my trip to relax!

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

*note that many of the beaches on the list were in Florida or Hawaii…….

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