Beach Accessories

I love Jewelry. So naturally when I go to the beach, I want to wear beach accessories to get my fill of jewelry. It’s too risky IMO for me to wear my valuable or sentimental pieces. So, what’s a girl to do?  I chunk on the bold, bright, wood and plastic jewelry that I don’t get to wear other wise.

Don’t be afraid to dress up to go to the beach. It should be fun, an event. You should look forward to your beach style. Adding accessories to your look helps to add that extra…umph to your look. If you’re more on the simple side, try wearing just one or two pieces. If you’re like me, wear what your arm  or neck can hold. The best part is because they are plastic or wood, most of them will hold up  to the sand, sun, and surf very nicely.

On the model below, notice her nails, hat and bold colorful bandeau top. We talked about all of theses pieces individually before, and here’s a great example of a way to put it all together. The only thing you should fear about this look, are the uv rays and you’ve got sunscreen for that.

Get The Look: Beach Accessories To Spice up your Beach Look

Get The Look: Beach Accessories To Spice up your Beach Look

Try  www.forever21.com of get your bracelets , they’re a great price and they have tons of options to choose from.


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