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I’m the type of woman that still gets a pedicure in 10 degree weather. After all, I have to look at my feet. I have to feel comfortable and feminine, at all times. For me, this is one of the ways that I do that. Maintaining ones pedicure post beach and pool season can seem like so much work, but like all things it’s easier to maintain than it is to transform. So, because I’m lazy, lol, I get my regular pedicures and take care of my feet in between my mani/pedis during the winter season, at home.

Some of my favorite things to practice foot health are super easy, and accessible to all. These tips can all be done while watching t.v. or relaxing in bed. All you need to do is stop by the drugstore and pick up a few tools. Check out my go to’s:

Foot file and Exfoliating : A good foot file is at the top of my list because it helps to slough away the dead skin that inevitably happen because of wearing shoes, walking in them and the wear and tear our poor feet go through on a daily basis. Treat your tired soles by getting rid of that dead skin to reveal soft, supple skin that begs to be touched. The graters on the files have varying degrees of coarseness, choose one appropriate for your needs. Remember, regardless of how dry and rough you perceive your feet to be, it is still skin, so err on the side of caution and choose a file that is not going to do any permanent skin damage.

Use a Foot File to Slough Away Dead Skin

Use a Foot File to Slough Away Dead Skin

Massage: I literally use my hands and massage my tired feet every night. If I feel like spoiling myself, I’ll give my self a foot bath, or foot soak with an at home foot massager. They’re amazing! you can get one at any drug store, Walmart, or Target. This doesn’t have to be super fancy. Get a bowl (if you don’t have one of the foot spas), and put some flower petals, orange slices and mint in it, or whatever you have. The roses, oranges and mint, will work as aromatherapy to help relax you so you enjoy the full experience.

At Home Foot Soak or Spa

At Home Foot Soak or Spa

Moisturize: This is key to keeping your feet soft and pretty. Use a lotion or foot cream that you like. Nic TiP: If your skin is severely dry, try applying your moisturizer to damp feet. Even better, use Vaseline on your damp feet and sleep with socks on. You may have to do it for a few nights in a row, just depending on how dry your piggies are, but it makes a world of difference. (I stood on my feet in pumps working in retail for YEARS. This is a great tip!).

Don't Forget to Moisturize

Don’t Forget to Moisturize

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