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Personal style and looking good are subjective to each woman. What she wants to tell the world, without talking, who she is. How she exudes her confidence, her femininity. Some woman have the ability to do this in their sleep, with very little effort. Some woman need help however. How to put things together and what works best for your hair, skin, body type, all play a part in your overall image and thus your personal style.

How do you find out what your personal style is? How do you then translate that into something you can achieve and more importantly afford?

Skincare: If I had to choose any one area to invest my money in more than another, it would be skincare. I believe this is where the bulk of self confidence/ self image comes from, especially as a woman.  Our face is our prized possession. THIS is what we first see, then everything else. Healthy skin is the foundation for beautiful makeup. You first have to know your skin type and what it needs b/c not all skin is the same-just because your mom has oily skin and your sister has oily skin, doesn’t mean you do. You may have dry skin. Do yourself a favor and go to either a dermatologist or eustachian to learn about YOUR specific skin type and what it needs. Once you know about your skin, you can better shop for skin care products that cater to what your specific skin care needs are.

Also, skincare doesn’t have to cost you your first born’s college education. There are plenty of great skincare products that you can get in Target or Walmart. Again, the trick is to just know what your skin needs. Once you know how to care for your skin, if you wear make up, visit a makeup counter and get them to show you how to apply makeup and what colors work for your skin tone. Be sure to ask them for eyebrow advice or a good place to get your brows done. Your face is so important to your self image and your opinion of yourself. Take care of it.

P.S.Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Wardrobe: Your personal taste in clothes is your own. I have a very distinctive style that works for me. It is easy and effortless for me. People often tell me, “I could never pull that look off, but it looks great on you!” After I say, “thank you”, I think to myself, why couldn’t they pull this look off- in their own way? The most important thing about expressing your personal style is to know what your style is. That means knowing what you like, knowing your body and what looks good on your body. Knowing what you like is easy-you either like it or you don’t. Knowing what looks good on your body is another thing. There are considerations to think of if your are busty, or hippy, or slender, or have a pear shape, or a boy shape, or an athletic shape. You can google about your body type, or read different books to help you learn how to dress for it. Once you know that, coupled with what things you like-shopping and buying for your body type are so much more fun! Happy shopping TIP: make sure you are buying the correct size, a good fit will always make you look much better. 

Hair Care: Our hair can be our crowing glory, or our biggest nightmare. I have curly, afro hair. It took me years (literally) to accept my hair type. I tried for so long to straighten it and make it do things it just didn’t want to do. In the process, I was murdering my hair. It wasn’t groaning to it’s fullest potential because I wasn’t caring for it the way that would allow for it to grow to it’s fullest potential. It also wasn’t very healthy as a result, and healthy hair is beautiful hair.

Once I embraced my curls and learned how to care for them, my hair began to flourish and now I get complements on this curly afro from people of all types of races, ages and genders. The moral of the story: do what works for your specific body-in all aspects- that is the secret to having great style. Some may call it being an individual. Whatever you define it has, it should be customized for you and your specific needs.

Solange Knowles: Style Muse-She always Looks Great because she Figured out What Works For Hr

Solange Knowles: Style Muse-She always Looks Great because She Figured Out What Works For Her

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