ASOS’s Newest Color Palette for 2019

Points have been made. 

ASOS recently released a new page in its trend report in order to promote it’s predicted color palette for 2019. This is the first color palette I’ve seen that does not include an all-black ensemble.

ASOS’s clothing editors have revealed that warm Earth tones will soon dominate the fashion industry. They’ve curated a collection of pieces with bright reds, oranges, and browns for you to purchase and honestly I’m living for it. It’s perfect for Fall Queens who want to keep their wardrobe alive as well as anyone who wants to add some color to their wardrobe. 

Refreshingly, a lot of the clothing is sexy without being too revealing. The dresses and skirts are body con but still cover a lot, allowing you to look gorgeous while still keeping warm in this coming snow storm.

We’ve organized a few of our favorites for you to get the vibe but make sure to check out ASOS’s website and their app. The page is updating every day with new styles and pieces.


Office Baddie

Weekend Wear

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