Are You Wearing The Right Sports Bra?

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Are you wearing the right sports bra? Working out regularly has a TON of benefits; the physical appearance it gives you, the way it makes you feel, the benefits to your organs and overall quality of life are just a few of the major benefits. But with it comes some drawbacks; one of the worst is the effect it can have on your breasts, especially if you are wearing the wrong sports bra for your workouts. So how do you know if you are wearing the right sports bra?

Similar to a regular bra, your sports bra should fit your entire breasts with no spilling and support them during movement….rigorous movement. This is important to help prevent any back pain or drooping/sagging as the skin on the breasts is very delicate and susceptible to stretching if not supported properly. This becomes particularly important the larger the breasts are. Because we work out in so many different ways, we have to take that into consideration when making our sports bra selection, to ensure we’re wearing the correct sports bra for the activity we’re doing.

Low Impact Activities:

These activities include yoga, walking, stretching, beginner cycling, weight lifting and any movement where the breasts are moving a minimal amount.

Breasts should be stable, but not necessarily supported (*depending on your bra size). Many women with average size breasts can wear a sports bra similar to this one by Lululemon with molded foam fronts and racerbacks. For only 24.99 it’s also a steal!.


If you’re a yoga lover with larger breasts, try this bra on for size by Bare Necessities for $39.99-$70.00 and goes up to cup size J. Because of the weight of the breasts, you’ll need a sports bra that can support medium impact to protect the breasts. I’d also recommend only buying sports bras that have cup sizes and band sizes, similar to your regular bra.

See Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra in Grey / Mango

High Impact Activities:

Breasts should be supported as much as they can when running, tennis, horse back riding, doing martial arts, gymnastics, cross fit, H.I.I.T, or any vigorous movement that would cause the breasts to move a great amount.

This is a great bra that will go up to a cup size of DD. There are molded cups, but no underwire (from what the product description reads). Important to note for the DD customer. Available from Under Armor.

Women's Armour® Eclipse High — Zip Sports Bra, BALLET PINK, Front, BALLET PINK

This sports bra has wider straps, molded cups, hidden underwire, and encapsulated cups. Making it a comfortable high impact bra for women with larger breasts. Available from Bare Necessities.

See High Impact Underwire Sports Bra in Pink / Grey

I run often so I typically wear a high impact sports bra. I find that they support me well, and reduce pain from movement….when I don’t want it.

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