All That Glitters, Is Probably Rihanna

When we heard that our favorite bad gal was dropping a beauty line a few months ago, there was much speculation regarding what the line would be like. Given the fact that Rihanna was the brains behind this collection gave us all high hopes that it would deliver, but it also left us a bit wary because of past celebrity beauty lines that didn’t do so well quality wise (cough, cough). There were many questions we had about her new project. Who is her target audience? What kind of line would this be? Is it p.o.c friendly? What kind of products would she be creating? How much of my money would she be taking? We got mini glimpses, here and there, via social media when all hell broke loose over her 40-shade foundation range. Not that that wasn’t enough of an iconic move, she released a trailer for her line that featured various types of women looking as gorgeous as ever. All the excitement and the anticipation of waiting for the collection to drop was put to rest on September 8th when her collection went on sale online and at Sephora. This collection was already exceeding expectations its first-hour being released. The prices are affordable, and even if they weren’t, the products look worth it. Beautiful shades of pressed powder and stick highlighters, matte highlighters and contour sticks, a universal lip gloss, a wide range of foundation shades, and tools for a natural glowing look at home or on the go. As if it weren’t enough to give us an affordable all-inclusive makeup collection, Rihanna did the unthinkable and stocked her products for up to two years, so there won’t be a shortage anytime soon.

Since the release of this beautiful collection, many people have purchased a thing or two and have taken to social media to give their opinions. I had to watch an ample amount of reviews and dig through hundreds of tweets to get a sense of what I should expect from this collection. Usually, with something like this, you always get mixed reviews or one side outweighs the other. This time was different, though, because I have yet to hear one bad thing about these products. What I took away the most from all of the feedback was how good the formulas are. The foundation, a soft matte pore-filling formula, does just that creating a soft natural fresh face. The highlighters, shimmer and matte, are said to be easily blendable and create a natural finish. Her lip glosses are very popular claiming to taste and smell like peaches as well as give a beautiful juicy finish without being too sticky or watery. Even her tools are getting rave reviews. All of this research has only made me want to get my hands on the products immediately, but not without trying out their color matcher at Sephora.

This past weekend, me and my girls tried heading to Sephora to test out the products for ourselves, and I knew in the back of mind that doing this wouldn’t turn out too well, and I was right. After what felt like ten hours, we were finally able to get a glimpse at the beauty products.

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Pamper Palace with the Girls at Sephora.

The first thing we tried out was the ‘Killawat’ highlighter in the shade ‘Trophy Wife’ and if you want to look as if you were hand-dipped in gold, this is for you. This highlighter is packed full of pigment and more glitter than shimmer but still wearable. This shade looks best on darker skin tones but can also double-up as an eyeshadow.

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Highlighter colors for all skin tones 

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Highlighted to the Gods!


The Match Sticks are what we went for next. The formula for these sticks is so creamy, so pigmented, and easy to blend. We swatched a few and the pay-off was stunning. The matte contour and highlight sticks were just as amazing, as well.

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Highlighters galore!

Rhianna lip gloss colors

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

The lipgloss might have been my second favorite item, after the highlighter obviously, for various reasons. It smells amazing, first of all, and even tastes good which had me shaking because I had never had a lipgloss this good. The color is gorgeous, a golden apricot color with flecks of gold shimmer throughout, which makes your lips look plump and juicy. The consistency is creamy and feels so smooth once applied to the lips. It’s not a nasty gloopy sticky or an oily watery consistency, it’s a good balance that’s super comfortable for everyday wear.

The foundation we never got to because of the crowd, however, I went back (later on) to get color matched and it was an experience. The swatch that the Sephora employee placed on my face for the patch test blended in seamlessly. She’d told me it oxidized after a few minutes, which I knew, so I decided to go ahead and purchase the lipgloss. Once I was done, I decided to see how the oxidization turned out and was happily surprised to find out it hadn’t. The little test patch looked like skin and felt soft. The formula was so good. I can’t stress how amazing the matte pore-filling technology within the foundation is. After you’ve applied it, it dries to a soft skin texture but still has a nice dew that makes your skin look flawless and radiant.

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

Fenty Beauty By Rhianna at Sephora

40 different foundation shades

If you’re waiting for confirmation (or more confirmation) to go and buy anything from this collection, this is it! Seriously, Rihanna did not come to play, so go ahead and give her your coin and flourish like the beauty you are.

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