A Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils have become a huge and successful market recently. They’ve become so successful because of their amazing benefits. People have begun to use oils in their everyday lives since they don’t take much effort and the cons are practically nonexistent. So, if you want to know what oils will be best for you and what you need, keep reading.


Out of all the oils, peppermint oil is probably my favorite because of its scent and its benefits. You can use it in a diffuser or just put a dab on your pressure points to relieve you of congestion, same with every oil out there. Benefits of using this oil include:

  1. A cool and refreshing calming agent

  2. Reduces stomach aches and nausea

  3. Relieve headaches

  4. Helps clear sinuses

  5. Can also be used in shampoo as an anti-itch agent


Rose oil is amazing for various reasons. Its benefits are wonderful, it smells lovely, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Benefits of using this oil include:

  1. Can be used as a perfume

  2. You can use it on blemishes, three times a day, with a sterile cotton swab

  3. Helps ease cramps and fatigue

  4. Purifies your blood and uterus

  5. Gets you feeling charged and happy


Although lavender isn’t my favorite scent, it’s oil and its uses make it worth it. From insect bites to hair loss remedies, lavender oil has a ton of uses. Benefits of using this oil include:

  1. Helps with insomnia

  2. Reduces eczema and psoriasis

  3. Helps with stress and anxiety

  4. Reduces acne

  5.  Helps with headaches


Lemon seems to have a lot of power within itself as just a fruit, so it’s essential oil is chalk full of benefits and uses. Benefits of using this oil include:

  1. Great for skin cleansing

  2. Helps to relieve coughs and sore throats

  3. Can be used as a digestive aid

  4. Energizes your energy

  5. Healthy weight loss agent

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is probably one of the most used oils out there. It can be used for almost any and everything. Benefits of using this oil include:

  1. Helps to boost your immune system

  2. Helps to reduce dandruff

  3. Helps to heal wounds quicker

  4. Amazing for your skin to reduce redness, dryness, and imperfections

  5. Good cleansing agent (toothbrush, can be mixed into household cleaning items, can be mixed in with skincare for clean and fresh skin, etc.)

So, now you have a few options that are good for a lot of things. Essential oils aren’t only used to make your room smell pretty, they help you with things you never would’ve even thought were imaginable! You can find them just about anywhere. Don’t use too much, though, it could cause irritation if you overdo it.

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