A Close Look into Eggie’s 2018 Fall Collection

Eggie just released their 2018 Fall Collection and it was everything I was hoping for. Not only did she predict the gorgeous trends that were revealed in NYFW, but she also stayed true to brand. Paired with cozy fabrics and sturdy material, these pieces will definitely find their way into your closet. Let’s take a close look into Eggie’s 2018 Fall Collection. 

 2018 Fall Fashion Trends 

Brown Neutrals

The Shire Jacket is a maxi length cardigan that you’ll be reaching for every day of the week. Its perfect when dressing up or down an outfit and the length gives you an elegance that will capture the attention of any room you walk into. PS. It’s so soft!

Original Photo from Eggie.com

Black Structured Silhouettes 

Need to nail that meeting? This Secure the Bag set lets everyone know you’re in charge. The structured lines and pinstripes make it clear you are definitely not to be messed with while still hugging all your curves to show off your amazing body.

Original Photo from Eggie.com

Teddy Coat

The Teddy Coat is one of my favorite trends. As a New Yorker, I am always looking for pieces that keep me warm without making me look like a potato. At least out in public. The Teddy Coat makes you look fun and put together while the material keeps you nice and cozy, no matter how cold it is outside.

Original Photo from Eggie.com


Plaid is what most women in New York are wearing when they want to look professional and expensive while still keeping up with the latest trends. Go for the polished academic look with this heather gray jumpsuit and dress for the job you want.

Original Photo from Eggie.com

 Staying True to the Brand 

Bold Patterns 

Micro Houndstooth. Who knew? The Virgo Dress is a sexy figure-hugging ensemble that will make anyone feel like a world-class pin-up girl. In a good way. Are you daring enough to wear this on your next big date?

Original Photo from Eggie.com

Bold Toned Solid Pieces Colors

Eggie has always produced fun, bold colors without ever looking tacky. Pick your favorite color, there’s bound to be some amazing statement piece Eggie is just dying to dress you in.

Original Photo from Eggie.com

There’s Still More! 

This is just a fraction of what Eggie has launched this fall and there’s plenty more in stock from previous seasons. Be sure to check it out and let us know what your favorite piece is.

Original Photo from Eggie.com

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