A Book at the Coffee Table

Personally, I’ve always been one to look at the aesthetics of things. In fact, that’s probably the highest contributor to what I pick out for myself and why. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than curling up with a nice drink and seeing an array of pretty coffee table books. Okay, so there’s definitely more aesthetically pleasing things, but books are a great start. Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorite (coffee table) books that look good and read better.

Diverse Beauty by Alexi Lubomirski

Naturally, I was immediately sold by the giant photo of Lupita Nyong’o on the cover but that’s not all that’s amazing about this book. It goes through and shows a ton of women who are different and beautiful. From plus size women to darker skinned women to albino women, it’s all there. Published in 2016, this book is stunning open and closed.

Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso

I received this book as an unexpected gift and have been so grateful for it ever since. Written by the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, this book goes through and shows you the “collective spirit of the brand”. With galactic influences and feminine touches, this book is so fun to read and even prettier to look at.

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World by Ann Shen

God, this book has to be my favorite. Not only is it a book centered around courageous and badass women throughout history, but the illustrations alone will have you whipping out your wallet before you can say ‘Lilith’. The perfect book for style and substance.

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XO, Alandria

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