5 Style Tips for it Girl Style

We’ve all seen that “it girl”. She always looks pulled together. For her style and fashion seem to come so naturally and no matter where she is or what she’s doing, her personal style is on point. Rather than give her major side eye and hate her for always looking amazing, wouldn’t it be easier to just be that woman you secretly wish you were?

Style is accessible. Everyone can have it and in a way that is natural for them. The trick is just knowing a few things that make it easier and a part of your life. But how? Well, check out these 5 tips to get started on your path to fabulousness.

Have a great look at the ready– We’ve all been there. You get invited to a last-minute soiree and have nothing to wear. But we all also have items that look amazing on us. My tip would be to know the dress, the jeans, the blazer, the top that look amazing on you all of the time. If you don’t currently own these items, invest in them. They don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but they do need to fit you amazingly well. Choose colors that will always work no matter the season or occasion. Black, nude, and great are wonderful choices. Once you’ve got the essentials, and know they always fit great getting a last-minute invite is easy. Just put on one of your go to’s and your ready to shine. Shoes, accessories and handbags can be changed as needed. For night-time events, opt for the clutch and the heels. For a daytime look choose cute sandals or wedges and a bright handbag.

denim, blouse, revolve clothing

Get all of the pieces and throw them on in a pinch.

Accessories are more important than you think– They can also make the look. A black dress is a black dress. But add a belt, an amazing necklace, gorgeous heels, or that go to bag and all of a sudden you have a style staple and not just a black dress anymore. Choose the accessories to match the occasion and instantly impart style to a simple look.

shoes, heels, revolve clothes, velvet shoes, accessories

A great shoe can make all of the difference in the world. The Blake Heel.

The power of a lip– Anytime I want to rev up my style I put on some red lipstick and all of a sudden it’s super chic. The trick is finding a red that works for your skin tone. There are blue based reds, orange based reds, and yellow based reds. Having trouble finding your perfect red? Stop off at just about any makeup counter in any store and ask for help. Makeup girls are always willing to help someone look their best. I love going to Sephora personally, because of all of the different brands that they carry.

A great fit- Not everyone fits clothes as is off of the rack. If that’s you, find a tailor and have your clothes taken in, let out, or hemmed. I cannot stress the importance of good fitting clothes. A $10 pair of slacks that fit well can literally make you look like a million bucks.

Putting it all together- Once you have pieces that you can rely on and you know they look great, you can throw them on in a pinch and get that effortless style. Effortless style means that it took you no time to put the look on and run out the door. But some work does need to be done beforehand to get to this point.

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