5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to on Your Commute

I. Love. Podcasts. Podcasts are criminally underrated. As a New Yorker, I’m always running around. I don’t always have time to sit down and read a book from start to finish. And I shouldn’t have to give up furthering my education just because I’m busy. That’s where podcasts come in. There is a podcast for literally anything. From creative stories, to blog posts, to financial tips, there is something for everything. It’s great for when you want to be educated on something but you don’t necessarily have a whole bunch of time or money to spend on it. I always listen to podcasts on the train, either on my way to school, work, or coming home. If you need a place to start here is my personal list of podcasts you should be listening to on your commute.

  1. Optimal Finance Daily

This podcast is one of many under the Optimal Living Daily name but I love Optimal Finance Daily the most. This super convenient comprehensive guide to finance reads financial blog posts to you every day. As a listener, you get tips from professionals all over the internet for free, and the orator condenses the key points of the blog to make it even more comprehensive. I was terrified that after college I would still be stuck with little to no knowledge about my future finances. They don’t teach you this stuff in art school! Now I’m a little more confident in myself and my financial future. I just needed a little nudge in the right direction.

      2. Alice Isn’t Dead

Boy, do I have a spooky story for you this October. Alice Isn’t Dead is a wonderfully written mystery drama following Keisha’s journey to find her wife Alice who she is sure, for some unknown reason, isn’t dead. There are high stakes, mystery, romance, angst, and magical elements that keep you wanting more. It also inverts the Kill Your Gays trope where many writers will introduce a gay character only to have them violently killed for added drama. Alice Isn’t Dead honors their characters with the hope that true love will bring these two lovers back together again. I promise you will be binging all three seasons tonight. 

     3. Lore

Lore is… interesting. Each episode follows a theme outlined in the episode title. There are usually three stories in each episode that explore a certain theme through storytelling in different times and regions of the planet. However, the podcast allows fictional myths and real-world events to mix as tells each story. Fiction often influences reality and vice versa. This telling creates a very thin veil between what is real and what is not. By listening to Lore, you’ll soon find yourself questioning everything you believe and maybe accepting more and more the supernatural with each episode you listen to.

     4. High Income Business Writing

Creating a successful career out of your art degree is incredibly difficult. You literally have to create it, there is no assembly line or fast track to a decent job in your field. It can feel lonely and isolating to have this amazing thing you really want to do, but you might not be able to eat if you do it. High Income Business Writing changes that. They mostly focus on writing but they also specialize in freelance work so lots of creatives can listen to it and create a business out of their passions. The podcast has guests come on and explain how they dealt with their own problems, successes, and setbacks so that you can learn from their experiences. You don’t need to be a starving artist. You have the option to be a successful content creator and capitalize on all the freedom that comes with that. 

     5. NPR’s How I Built This

If you ever need the inspiration to shoot for the stars, this is it. NPR’s How I Built This interviews the CEOs of companies while covering a wide range of industries, people, and stories. Each CEO tells their story of how they built their company, usually the ground up. This casual interaction of people allows listeners to be inspired by success stories and explain the hardships they had on their way to the top. I use it to drive myself, kick my self out of insecurity, and be bold with my career building decisions. If they could make it, why can’t I?

Thank you so much for reading you guys. Like this post if you’d like to hear more from me and comment the title of your favorite podcast. I’d love to hear from you! Know anyone else who loves podcasts or even just learning in general? Feel free to share this post, the more the merrier. We’ll have more articles like this so feel free to follow us on Insta @tiesidesandscoops and follow me at @sahra.bae. See you soon!

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