5 Essential Pieces for Commuters

Whether you’re commuting into the city or into a new city every week, the initial rush of being able to travel eventually turns into exhaustion. And even though our work life may require it, we were never really taught how to travel from place to place. So we’re here to help you discover some fashion life hacks that can make your commute so much easier. Here are five essential pieces for commuters.

  1. A Good Warm Coat

It gets dark at 3 pm. It’s basically winter. Which means you need your winter coat. But a bulky mess of a coat can be a hassle to deal with. Try a slimmer coat made of more conscious materials. Look for coats that are made with wool as they keep you warm without sacrificing your body’s shape.

2. Boots for Any Weather

NYC is about to get a whole lot wetter and that means knee-high black leather (or vegan leather) boots are the way to go. These boots will protect you from any unexpected rain or snow and are classically basic enough to pair with any outfit. The last thing you need is wet socks in the middle of the day.

3. A Versatile Pair of Sneakers

I love these sneakers. These are the Nike Air Max 97’s in Triple Black. They are sleek, feminine and are extremely versatile. It will give your outfit a fun sporty edge while still maintaining an air of elegance. You can dress these sneakers up or down however you like.

4. Hat Glove and Scarf Set

I don’t know about you, but I cannot leave the house if my accessories don’t match. Buying a hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf all in one color can be a lifesaver. I chose these from Aerie because they keep you warm all winter long and the fabrics they use are always SUPER soft. Plus the scarf we’ve featured is a blanket scarf and you have no idea when you’ll need a portable blanket handy until you REALLY need one (speaking from experience, I love my blanket scarf).

5. A Reliable Suitcase

Last, but certainly not least, we recommend investing in a suitcase. You’re of course going to need one when you go on that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on but why not use it right now? A decent suitcase is great for outfit changes, longer commutes, and admitting that that project you’ve been working on all month is not going to fit in a backpack. This one from Muji folds up and stores easily so it can easily be stored in a tiny NYC apartment.

Thank you so much for reading you guys. Like this post if you’d like to hear more from me and comment what you use to make your commute easier. I’d love to hear from you! Know anyone else who loves NYC fashion? Feel free to share this post, the more the merrier. We’ll have more articles like this so feel free to follow us on Insta @tiesidesandscoops and follow me at @sahra.bae. See you soon!

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