3 Ways Minimalism can Improve Your Style

Minimalism is a real way to destress and declutter your life. Imagine what it can do for your closet! No more stressing over the perfect outfit, no more sorting through piles of clothes you wanted but don’t need, and no more spending your entire paycheck on everything you added to cart during the week. And surprisingly, a minimalist lifestyle is easier to try on than you think. Let’s look at your closet. Here are 3 ways Minimalism can improve your style.

  1. Keep only what you love

This is a cleanse. Go in your closet and throw out anything you will not wear. You know you hate this shade of pink, you are not going to tailor that, and that dress has Bad Date Vibes. Get rid of it! Anything that causes you stress may bring someone else comfort. Take your box of clothes, donate it, and leave your worries behind you.

  1. Only One Coat

It’s really hard to adopt the one and done policy of Minimalism. You may not be able to accept the whole “one pair of shoes forever” deal, but we can start with something simple. You only need one coat. It has to be warm and durable and functional. It does not have to match every single outfit you ever wear. And besides, basics and neutrals are in this season. A black or a neutral brown will take you very far this cold season.

  1. Do! Not! Haul!

Do! Not! Haul! You don’t need all of that! Delete your entire cart right now. Online shopping is an easy way to go broke very quickly. Each store shows you a shiny new thing they have just for you in eight different colors and look! There’s a discount code! No. They’re tricking you into buying more and usually, the stores who invite you to haul have cheap products that will look and feel cheap on you. Resist! Buy only what you NEED and pocket the rest of the cash you saved for a rainy day.

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