3 Things To Know If You Do The #JLoDiet

We’ve all seen JLo’s 50th birthday pic last year….she looked like she was 28. HOW, just HOW is she aging backwards and what is she doing to get that body? Well recently, she shared her workout and diet tips with us and created the JLo challenge. Here’s 3 things you should know if you decide to do it.

But first, let’s take a look at exactly what the diet entails. First, she does something I love suggesting to people: drink plenty of water. It’s literally the fuel of life. She keeps her body hydrated and that helps to keep bloat away.

Next, she stays active. A healthy diet will only go so far. She lets all of that great, healthy food she’s eating fuel her workouts. The combination of the workouts + the diet= this gorgeous body we see.

Last, she doesn’t consume alcohol, caffeine, or refined sugars. Still with me? Trust me, it’s not an easy diet to follow. So let’s get to those 3 tips you should know.

The JLo Diet does a body good

The JLo Diet does a body good

  1. Meal Plan: To be successful at a diet like this, meal planning and having a game plan is your best friend. When I was a fitness competitor, this was pretty much my diet for 3 years. It’s not easy. Having a game plan to turn to when I was too exhausted to think about food, but needed to eat saved me. It also saved me when temptation creeped in. While I’m retired now (from fitness competitions), it created a healthy lifestyle for me and I still follow many of the diet and exercise tips I learned during that time frame.

  2. Good carbs vs. Bad Carbs: There is a difference. Good carbs are complex carbs that make your body burn calories to metabolize better known as complex carbohydrates. Bad carbs are carbs that the body can break down very easily and don’t really fuel the body, or help with improving the metabolism, aka simple carbs. I typically don’t go for periods of days without carbs because they can make you extremely tired, cranky and weak. So when following along with this challenge, be mindful of what you need to do over the next 10 days. If you’ve got important meetings/presentations to do have a sweet potato. It’s a great complex carb and it won’t ruin your hard work. Believe me, I was eating sweet potatoes like crazy days before going on a stage to show off my abs.

  3. Exercise: Depending on the body you’d like to sculpt, yes sculpt, you’ll need to be active in a way that will build it. In the fitness world, people understand that bodies are built. That means the work you do to have a dancers body, is not the same work you’ll do to have a body builders body. Determine what you want your body to look like. What are you fitness and health goals? What activities do you like to do? Once you have that figured out, sculpting your body, and eating for those goals will become a lot more clear.

Find an exercise routine that you love.

Find an exercise routine that you love.

Bonus tip:

One thing that helps is to keep track of your food and fitness activities. When you can clearly see what you’ve done, it’ll help with keeping you on track and seeing where anything that doesn’t work for your goals, has crept in.

Good luck and remember you’ve got this!

*always consult your doctor before beginning any fitness routines. 

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