2017 Fashion Week Street Style-London

It’s no secret; I love fashion. But what do I love more than fashion week….the street style that comes with it! It’s long been my opinion that the street style brings the absolute best out of fashion. Where the designers get inspired on how to style the looks they create. Where they can see and hear what the masses are thinking and then regurgitate to us 6 months later. Street style is way more than who what wear…it’s the beginning of it all. check out some of my fav street style looks from London Fashion Week 2017:

Mules: Backless shoes aka “Mules” have been on trend for the last season or two now. They’ve taken on the sporty look, classy look, classic and heels. Here we’re seeing them with velvet ankle bracelets. Love!

London Street Style- Mules

Mules are all the rage in London for Fashion week.

Get the look: We found this great pair! Try pairing them with your high-water jeans or fringe hem denim, fav choker sweater and a leather jacket to create your instant street style look!

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Metallic Mules

Comfort Styling: I’m seeing more and more in the streets of New York City, and now in London comfort styling. Not sloppy, but comfort. Luxurious cashmere coats, and lambs wool sweaters with causal sneakers and soft trousers. Where Lux and Casual fuse together to create a new genre of clothing that is only strengthening its foot hold into our fashion society. She adds effortless styling by draping her coat over her shoulder as a cape.

Spotted: Comfort styling on the streets of London.

Comfort styling is making a big splash again this season on the streets.

Denim has taken a turn with super wide cuffs, frayed hems, and high-water style. Pair this ultra 70’s looking denim with your fav tees, sweaters, or what ever! Don’t worry though, the skinny isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Casual to the Max!

Denim and tee’s, casual cool style to the max!

Get the Look: We found this amazing pair of distressed denim jeans!

Pair with mules, your favorite tee or that choker sweater and leather jacket.

Peek-a-boo: Regardless of what you think of the example below, what the winter styling trend is right now is super long sleeves peaking from the cuff of your winter coat. This applies to collars, hoods, and even the length of the top, passing the length of the jacket. This is it girl styling straight from the streets! Her shoulder bag is also a big style trend right now, wear as a cross body for instant it-girl go to style.

Peek-a-boo cuffs showing past your coat sleeve is all the rage!

Show some sleeve and let the world see your style do’s.

Want more? Check back soon for some more street style looks from Fashion Week!

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