We recommend using a very mild detergent to help care for your swimwear so that it can last from season to season.

The detergent in traditional cleansers causes the elastic in the fabric of your beloved swimsuit to break and tear over time. So using a non-sudsy cleaner like either of the swim solution cleaners we offer is a great way to not only protect the fabric of your gorgeous Nic Hyl swimwear, but also to clean it, and prevent color fading. 

We recommend hand washing and soaking in lukewarm water for 30-45 minutes. Once soaking in the lukewarm bath with Swim Solution is complete, ring water out, and lay flat to dry. 

Since swimwear is a stretchy fabric, hanging it to dry may cause for it to stretch vertically. 

Store your Nic Hyl swimwear in a cool place, out of direct contact with the sun, which will help to protect the elastic in your suit for years to come.